Yesterday I had a very cool ride with some great riders!!!
Shorts climbs, (sometimes not upon my saddle… ) some descents, a very beautiful place, and lot lot lot of fun!!! :D
I’d like to make another ride like that just NOW!!!

Maybe 36° C (close to 97° F) it’s too hot for a ride… XD
What do you think?! 

Great ride with some friends saturday!!!
It’s always great to go to places completely new for me… and beyond this… lot, lot, lot of fun!!! 
I’d like to post more photos… but I think I posted enough!

I’m looking forward for the next ride!!! :D

Wheather it’s starting to be hot… something like 32° during my ride yesterday…
Sky was blue, ride was funny, trail was funny too…
I also met two friends as you can see in photo… :D 

Crazy weather yesterday!
Begun with a sun that after few km has been covered by clouds, then sky returned partially sunny but weather started to became windy… and then finally I ended my ride under the sun.
I returned to some places I haven’t seen for some months… and I took some photos as usual!

2 rides in 3 days, it didn’t happend in a looooong time…
however, nice one this time too!

Beautiful day and nice ride today! 

But… maybe you can see from images… it’s happened again!

Ok ok, understood, I have to change tires! 

The Ride

After few kilometers I took a trail…


that led me to a nice place, where the first climb of the day begins…

and guide me through trees and grass.

After a fairly steep ramp

and a passage inside a “cut-fire” strip

i took this cool descending trail 

over which, after another short steep climb, another trail was waiting for me.

Passed this trail, after a short countryside road, I thrown into another rough trail, the last of the day

This trail brought me to a descent country road, very funny, that drive me home

throug rails…

… wheat fields …

and nice places.

Guess what?
Fortunely is happened only 3 times… -_-‘

Guess what?

Fortunely is happened only 3 times… -_-‘

As I felt my knee was still not ok, I cut my ride…
but was still a nice one!
Trails, grass, rails… yes, rails! :)