One of the best rides I had!
I started from my house, than I went to a near town to meet with a friend… than toghether we went to meet with some other friends and… 
follow the pictures to see what happened! 

Great ride with great bikers! Awesome day! 
It’s really hard to choose photos for remember this ride, so I decided to post A LOT of them!

What a ride…. :D

That’s Fun!

Another cool ride yesterday,
started in the morning and finished in the afternoon.
Even if we had some mechanical issues that stopped us for a while, we had a lot of fun and went in some beautiful places!

Just check the pictures! :D

Yes, I know…
the quality is very VERY VERY VERY BAD
However, this is part of my fun some days ago…

I hope you like it… at least a little bit!!! :) 

This month I had the opportunity to use my bike more than i usually do…
As you can read from the captions of my photos, during this month … …
well, look at the photos to read more! :) 

During this days I had some spare time, so I went out with my bike very often than the usual, once every 2 days.
But it’s not enough!!!

I want more trails, more places, more dust, more bikers, more… ok, it’s not enough!